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  This site is created in loving memory of our sweet little girl, Dakota Marie Bauer. Dakota was born May 17, 2004 and became and Angel of God on September 15, 2005. Dakota was a beautiful baby with an amazing personality. She sparkled. She was our blessing. Dakota could melt the coldest heart with her bright eyes and big smiles. We are grateful for the time we had with her, though short, we are grateful. She has taught us so much and has left a permanent mark on the hearts of all who love and miss her. Hearts ache and tears are shed daily over the loss of our beautiful little girl.

The Littlest Angel

I'm only a small child, not much do I know.
But God holds my hand as I look down below.
I'm here with the father in the most wonderful place
yet I can't feel much joy when I see your sad face.

Your heart has been broken, I can see from up here
as you struggle along and you wipe every tear.
If only I had words I could send you today
that would tell you I'm home and I'm really okay.

Heaven is so beautiful with sparkles and white wings
and the angels are teaching me so many things.
I'll grow and mature in this heavenly land
while holding on tightly to the Father's soft hand.

So don't grieve for me now, but find peace in you soul,
and know God has finally made your little one whole.
And even if you can't seem to understand "why",
please know in your heart that our love didn't die.

He tells me that just for a time we must wait
and then I can meet you at Heaven's front gate!
So for now, know I love you in my own special way
and we will meet again on that glorius day.

Do not stand at my grave and weep

Do not stand at my grave and weep,

I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you wake in the morning hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starlight at night.

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
(Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there, I did not die!)

Mary Frye (1932)

On Butterflies wings
On wings of my own
To you I am gone
But now I am home

Dakota made her debut into this world on May 17, 2004 at 27 weeks,weighing only 1 pound 8 ounces.  She was our pride and joy. We longed to bring her home and show her off. She spent 3 months and 3 weeks in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit at Creighton Medical Center in Omaha, NE.  On September 10, 2004 she came home with a tracheotomy.

     The last year had been a great year.  Dakota came through the winter without to many problems and she was growing and had learned so much.  She loved to play patty cake and she was beginning to understand sign language.  She had just started to crawl down from the couch and up the stairs.  There was just so much she had learned.  Dakota had a great 1st birthday party with lots and lots of friends and family.  Life was great. Her doctors were even discussing getting her trach out.  We were all so excited by the possibility!

God had a different plan in mind. On September 15, 2005 Dakota didn't wake up.  God had come for his angel. We all miss her so much. Our happy, bubbly, baby girl.


God on His throne in heaven
Looked round at His flowers so fair
And then sought a blossom on earth
To add to those He had there
To be part of such heavenly Company
The bloom must be pure and sweet
And the little bud that was chosen
Was the child who had played at our feet
Sorrow is great at the loss of our child
At the parting with one we love
But the parting was made that our child might go
To brighten the heavens above.


Raining HeartsSIX SILENT TEARSRaining Hearts

LastRaining Heartsnight before I went to bed,
Thoughts of you filled myRaining Heartstroubled
I've notRaining Heartscried this way in many years,
On to my pillow fell
six silentRaining Heartstears.

The firstRaining Heartswas for your smile that I
And the ch
ance to give youRaining Heartsa hug and kiss.
TheRaining Heartssecond was for
your angel face,
And the thoughts of your warm, lovingRaining Heartsembrace.

The thirdRaining Heartscomes as no surprise,
As I thought of your beautiful, bright, lovingRaining Heartseyes.
AfterRaining Heartsthis the fourth came rolling...
Instead of my pillow, it was you IRaining Heartsshould be holding.

The fifthRaining Heartscame for one reason alone...
I felt my love for youRaining Heartswas not fully shown.
IRaining Heartsreally miss you, my daughter, my dear...
There just fell my sixth silentRaining Heartstear.

animated rosesIn God's Garden up above,
Stands a rose we dearly love,
She stands with petals open wide,
Watered by the tears we've cried,
Her fragrance fills our lives each day,
 Locked in our hearts she will always stay.

The Cord
Author unknown

We are connected, my child and I,
by an invisible cord not seen by the eye.

Its not like the cord that connects us at birth,
This cord can't be seen by any on earth.

This cord does its work right from the start,
It binds us together, attached to my heart.

I know that it's there though no one can see,
This invisible cord, from my child to me.

The strength of this cord, It's hard to describe.
It can't be destroyed, It can't be denied.

It's stronger then any cord man could create.
It withstands the test, Can hold any weight.

And though you are gone and your not here with me.
The cord is still there, but no one can see.

It pulls at my heart, I am bruised, I am sore.
But this cord is my lifeline, as never before.

I'm thankful that God connects us this way.
A mother and child... Death can't take it away!


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Her legacy
Beautiful Dakota  

Dakota was a very energetic baby with lots of love and laughter for all those who knew her.  You couldn't help but to fall in love with her. She was such a sweet baby who was always happy and rarely cried. Her favorite things were her Elmo and Daddies keyboard. She was always exploring and learning so much.
Dakota loved her little brother Mason. If he would cry she would crawl over to his swing or jumeroo and push him around in it.  Mason would always stop crying and start giggling no matter what. Sometimes though she thought Mason was  just a speed bump and would just zoom right over him.
You couldn't have a bad day with Dakota around. She was always smiling. Just seeing her beautiful face and glowing smile could bring a person out of the worst mood.   
She was so strong and so happy despite all that she had been through, and she would not be deterred.  She overcame so much in her short life and is an inspiration to us all.
Without her I am not whole. I feel as though everything I know has been shattered. Dropped into an abyss that will never be returned until we are once again reunited. Sometimes I feel like the only thing that keeps me going in this life is the fact that she is in the arms of Jesus and she is no longer suffering. Never will she have to feel the pain that this world may bring. She will never have to experience a loss and she no longer hurts.
Dakota touched so many lives and she is  deeply missed. Dakota forever holds a spot in the hearts of those who knew and loved her and she will never be forgotten no matter what.
Dakota's Smile  

Dakota's Smile

Born into this world, a baby in a hurry
Dashed to save this young life she created a flurry.
Her mother's first love, her daddy's little girl
The love affair of their lives, the finest love in the world!
Her heart wrenching beginning her life on the line
However, through it all you see the sparkle in her eyes
She struggled to breathe an angel with wings
She came into the world she was born in the spring
However, through it all Dakota showed strength
She was not ready to let go she was going to finish this race

Dakota Smiles

As Dakota grew strong, she aged and she cooed,
the beginning of her personality began to shine through
She couldn't quite walk but tried anyway
Her fiesty young spirit a fighter all the way
She put up with the needles, the nurses, a champion some say
She smiled through it all even though some brought her pain
Her life brought such joy to the family she knew.
Her parents were amazed and proud of her as she grew
She gave life her best challenge, she enjoyed everyday
Dakota's love of this world in eagerness she played

Dakota Smiles

Her life was so short but her legacy lives on
She touched everyone's life; she showed us how to be strong
We will never forget her hugs or her soft gentle touch
And the way she kept smiling though life was quite tough
A special gift that is given only by giving it away
Dakota gave of it freely and she gave it every day
Her small little being was really quite wise
It is the gift that she gave that now lights up our skies

Dakota's smile

A Poem from Aunt Jessica and Brianna  

From Our Hearts to Yours
You know we'll always love you,
You know we'll always care.
No matter where you're going,
Were always here to share.
To share the memories we've had with you,
Those many special bonds.
Your life is through ,
We know its true,
But your spirit's never gone.
We love you and we miss you!
We didnt get to say good-night,
If you come to visit soon I'll sing you your lullaby!
We didnt get to say good-bye,
But happily you know,
Atleast the doctors tried!
We know your really young.
But, your life has restarted...
And another one has begun!

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Always and Forever an Angel!
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